I’m back to square one. Hubby has convinced me to buy within the CBD instead of at the beach.

It does make sense. Plus there’s not much stock at the beach. Anyhow we both attended inspections today.

I needed a second opinion. Plus he’s all about investments and I’m more emotional. If I like a place then that’s it.

We are waiting on the bank to see if we can take out a bridging loan. Then will make offers.

In a way we work well together. It confuses me somewhat.

Today his niece has been calling me multiple times to talk. I haven’t answered the missed calls as I’ve been screening my calls. Thus I only answer if the caller leaves a message in my message bank. Too many scam calls lately.

No doubt she wants to talk to me about our separation. When she couldn’t get through her husband rang me. I only took the call as I thought it was one of the realestate agents. Was expecting them to call.

The thing with his nieces and nephews they swap numbers all the time. I can’t keep up.

One good thing today I volunteered. Tomorrow I’m taking clients out again. It’s been good. It stops me thinking about my sad state of affairs.

They were so grateful they wanted to buy me lunch. I declined.

It’s how I cope. Cope by helping others. It makes my life not too bad in comparison.