Today I attended 4 inspections. Two at the beach and two in the CBD.

This one looked really nice. It’s ground level with street entrance. Lift from car park. A block and a bit from the beach. It is just perfect for one. It won’t fit me and the kids.

So I guess no go.

This second one is near the CBD. In the hospital/ garden district.

It’s perfect for me and the kids. Problem is I’m not ready to buy. At this price it will be snatched up pretty quick. It has decent size rooms. The apartments in this complex all have high ceilings which is a big plus.

I won’t list down the other two as they are contenders. One is near Flinders St station. It’s got a bedroom and a study. It’s cute as it’s a heritage building. It’s within range except body corp is like 6K p.a which is huge considering it’s only got the facade to worry about. No car space. No gym or pool.

The second is by the beach. It’s got a big enough living area that I can convert into a sleeping quarter. Only thing is it’s electric stove and I love to cook. Body corp is like 4-5K a year. Understandable as it’s got a gym and pool.

I feel better today knowing that there’s livable apartments around and not tiny boxes.

I’ve found a volunteer for the shift on Wednesday thus I can go to more inspections.

The more I go the better I’m equipped to make up my mind in a few months time once our other place is sold.