I’ve thought about it and well have put in an offer for the beach place. It’s big enough for me and the kids.

The living area I can zone off.

I’ve already drawn in 😂 will get a set of French doors to block off the kitchen and bathroom area from the living area.

Then I’ll get two of the single side tilt beds with cabinets built in.

Wall beds have come a long way. That way it won’t take up too much room.

My boy can sleep on the couch. The two girls can take the beds. Not that the three of them are going to come visit at the same time or one can room in with me.

Problem solved. Fingers crossed they accept the offer. If not I am only willing to up another 5K.

Anyhow the place didn’t appeal at first. After going through it I felt it’s the best out of the lot.

For one it looks out on to their garden area and for two I can zone it off.

The only down side is there’s no gas, just an induction hot plate. Oh well. It’s a compromise I’ll have to make.

Happy now that I’ve decided. The ball is in their court. If it was meant to be, it was meant to be.

The realestate agent was very nice. Cute as hell too 😂