This morning we went to Dr Snip so hubby could get the snip. It’s good money for a 10 minutes job. It costed $800. That’s like $80 per minute. He’s raking it in that’s for sure.

Ever since I’ve been running around like a headless chook. We’ve organised our loan application. Have signed the authority for the beach house.

Now it’s a mad dash to get it ready for photos on Tuesday then open on next Saturday.

I have started to panic as it’s about a week away to photos.

In the mean time tomorrow I’ve got a funeral to go to. Wednesday the agent is coming to see us for the apartment. He’s talking to the vendors tonight.

Thursday I’ve got MYOB all day. Friday I’m free. Might have to ditch dancing and go down to the house to start styling and trimming trees etc. I need to go shopping for stuff to bring down too.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed that we won’t make it in time.

Rubbish guy is coming on Monday to take away our trimmings.

So what did I do this afternoon? I went shopping for stuff to style. It costs 3K to get a stylist in. I’m trying to do it cheaply. I think it will cost less as I’ve got stuff at home that I can bring down to style.

Here is hoping I remember it all.