Sounds like a jingle for an ad. And it is. It’s a jingle for an insurance company lol.

I’ve gone to measure the apartment.

With the measurements done I have sat down and thought about the design of it.

I’m going to get in a frameless glass sliding door to section off the living area from the kitchen. Something like below.

Then I’ve just sent off an email for a quote of the cabinetry for the living room wall.

I figured since I didn’t get a two bedrooms apartment the money I saved will go into upgrading the apartment. After all I want to be comfortable. Have enough storage for the place.

It’s not how small the space is. It’s how much storage you can put in to make it functional.

I won’t need a dining set as I’ll have a built in for the kitchen as well so it can double as a prep bench and extra storage and breakfast nook.

Above the breakfast nook will be exposed floating timber shelvings for vases and such.

The bench will be sufficient as it’s about 1800mm long. I’m still contemplating whether to turn the corner or just leave it as is and have a floor to ceiling cupboard for my crockery with a drop down bench to save space.

I’ll also change the existing bench top to granite. That way the two benches will match.

The bathroom will stay as is for now. As for the bedroom I’ll pop in two single beds for the kids. That way I use up the beds from our beach house. Saves buying new beds.

I think that’s pretty much it. I’m getting excited. Our accountant is nearly there with our taxes. Then it’s forwarding the lot to the bank for consideration.

The beach house has had one open with three parties going through. One is interested and getting their place valuated today? The agent is going to get back to us with regard to if they can afford our place or not.

Second open will be this Saturday. It’s a better time slot as it’s going to be around lunch. It means Melbourne buyers can come down at their leisure.

I’ve been down every week preparing the place. Hubby will go down there tonight to bring stuff back home. We need to clear the garage.

I’ve offered our sofa beds to my sisters in law. It’s only fair since they gifted them to us.

Looks like everything is going according to plans.

Fingers crossed now.