Since plan A went down the gurgler I’m up to plan B.

I’m going to take the rental back and live in it. It won’t be until after we’ve sold the hidey hole.

1/ It will be a better investment for me

2/ He won’t have to borrow more money to buy me out. He will still take my part of the loan. It means he will be all right financially.

3/ I’ll have to sign over our portion of my parents’ house to him. I guess I can always put in a condition that he can’t sell it until they have passed or only if it’s their wish.

4/ I won’t have to take out a mortgage as it will be a straight swap.

5/ It’s a bigger place so more room for the kids. It will also solve the problem of furniture coming back from the hidey hole.

6/ It’s close to everything and I won’t have to pay owner’s corp as it’s a stand alone place. It’s a saving of 4-5K a year.

The only two reasons why I’m not sure is how big the place is and I’ll have the stairs. Just thinking about them makes my knees hurt.

So have been researching. I want to put in something like this. How cool is this lift? It’s tiny enough to not caused too much of a headache to install.

I was thinking of installing it in the WIR. That way in the future I can open that wall up for access.

The reason I want it there is so that it covers all the floors. The roof top terrace is from where that dining table is to the kitchen sink wall.

I’d also need a smaller car too. As won’t be able to manoeuvre my Odyssey into and out of that garage. Been tossing up between a Honda HRV and a Honda Jazz. Guess one thing at a time.

Guess I’ll have a mortgage after all. To cover for the lift and the car.