The bank won’t approve our loan. They are citing if the interest rate climb to 7.5% we won’t be able to service the loan.

Crap crap crap. It’s a bridging loan for F..sake. I’ve had it with them so will sit tight until the hidey hole has been sold.

I’m not moving out til February anyway. Since it’s so close to Christmas. Yes it’s only September.

1/ got interviews to do

2/ have applied for a part time position at a hospital. My fall back. I need a wage.

3/ tour guiding course starts again in October and ends in December. My heart is not in it but will finish the degree.

4/ I’ve got an opportunity that I’m pursuing. Won’t know until after next weekend.

5/ volunteering coordinator is away til end of September which means I’m it for volunteering. Thank goodness it’s been manageable.

6/ still running back and fro to open the house up for inspections every weekend. I have to change flowers this week.

7/ packing up the house as I go

8/ buying stuff for my place what I can’t get from the two houses.

Lately just frustrated that nothing goes according to plans. Feels like I’m stuck.