I bombed out yesterday. Guess I like to take my time cooking and can’t cook under duress.

Back to normal life.

I’ve been looking at houses again. Tomorrow I’m going to attend an auction to see how much a house at the beach costs. So far we’ve only had one interest party for my hidey hole. He’s still crunching his numbers. The agent took him and his wife to see a number of properties that’s in their price range. Smaller houses etc.

And then she took them to see ours. And of course they loved it. Now it’s a case of will they have enough money to buy?

I’m still waiting on the vendor to return our 5K deposit. They made the bank send them a letter that we did all in our power to get finance. Ummm we did more than that. We bent over backwards for the bank.

Anyhow the letter has been sent to them yesterday and hopefully that refund is coming back.

Went in to have a look and they’ve reduced their price to 520K. None of the apartments are selling. It’s because Melbourne’s prices are going down.

In all it’s a good thing as when I’m ready I’ll get a place for a better price. It also means the hidey hole will sell for less.

Guess all things happen for a reason. Might not see it then but as time goes by the bank not lending us the money was a blessing in disguise.

My list of wants and needs have changed. No more compromising.

1/ house by the beach

2/ gas stove

3/ two bedrooms

4/ close to transport and shops

5/ walking distance to the beach

6/ one level preferably so a cottage or terrace.

7/ car park

8/ balcony /court yard

I guess that’s it. Now how to get hubby to agree to selling the rental.