I attended an auction today.


The house was from 1870, heritage and old old old. The back looks like a poorly done add on. All I saw was a money pit.

The auction started at 950K, stalled a few times and got to 1 million 15. Only two bidders and didn’t get very far. Mind you the reserve was 976K.

I saw the agent there and afterwards I saw him at another house inspection.

The house I’m interested in is a 2 bedrooms loft style house. It’s got a court yard and balcony. Bathroom downstairs and a gas kitchen.

It’s quite close to the tram stop and about 5-10 minutes to the shops. A bit further away from the beach but walkable.

The only thing is? I’m not keen on the stairs or loft bedrooms. With me loving to cook the kitchen smells will linger everywhere.

No car park either though there is street parking. If I live there I might not need a car. Still it’s handy to have a small one just in case.

Price tag was in the 1 million vicinity. Something to consider I guess. The pros and cons of owning a house or an apartment.