Our living room is full of boxes. I’ve gathered stuff for my place.

Found 8 chopping boards today 😩 no kidding. How the hell did I accumulate so many? So plenty to split up between the two places.

And I have even more colanders. Counted 9 big ones and 3 little ones. I’m sure there’s more in OG.

Utensils I’ve got plenty as little Miss V tends to buy two of everything just in case.

I’m missing a food processor, rice cooker, steamer , mortar and pestle and tea cups that’s pretty much it I think.

Pots and pans I have a set. Will buy as I need.

Cutlery my friend gifted us a set and I’ve got crockery from my hidey hole.

My kitchen was full to the brim. It was over flowing. I’ve cleaned out all of my crystals. Will donate them to the Salvos.

I’m not a fan. They were our wedding gifts. 😩

We’ve been doing well lately that it feels surreal that I am moving out and that my marriage is ending.

I’ve been down in the dumps. Can’t seem to get up. I’d be right for a few days and then I’m back down in the pit.

Here is hoping cleaning my kitchen out gives me something to work towards. So I keep busy and don’t slump.