I told him I wanted a new car the other day. He turned around and asked me why? He told me my old car is still good? Did anyone talk me into it?

All through my marriage I’ve never asked for a car. He’s the one always wanting me to get a new one. He’s a car nut.

I’m moving into an apartment. My big old car is going to be problematic. So I would like a smaller one. Plus he never paid for a full service citing 1.8K was too much.

The other reason is why shouldn’t I ? It can be part of the divorce settlement rather than me having to get finance to buy it. Saves me the hassles.

On Saturday we went test driving. My new car is a Mazda. Sorry Honda I had to defect. As much as I love my Hondas I can’t stand CVTs. So Mazda it is.

Have opted for a CX3. It’s smaller than a Mazda 3 but it’s taller. I need the height as I’m thinking of my knees.

As for the space it’s only going to be me and may be another passenger so all good.

Was going to get a Maxx Sport but he talked me into an S Touring. It’s one grade down from the top model Akari and has most of the safety features of the Akari.

Well I don’t need a sun roof or heated seat and it’s 4K more which I don’t really want to pay. Plus their run out model was in blue. I wanted red.

So there you go. Paid $28,250 for an S Touring with cargo tray and floor mats included. $99 service fee for 3 years.

I wanted to pay $28,000 but they wouldn’t budge so I purposely chose my accessories to cost more than that.

Anyhow they were reluctant to pay 2K for my trade in until hubby show them their ad for 2K minimum trade in on their website expiring end of the month.

Must say car dealers are the shonkiest of the shonky around.

We watched this review on CX3. I’ll let you guys be the judge of his humour πŸ˜‚