Like a snail. The one frustrating bit about divorcing is the whole process. It’s moving so slow.

Luckily we are still friends. Even so it’s driving me nuts.

1/ can’t do anything until next year as we still got that stupid tree loan to pay off. Last payment January.

2/ hidey hole still not sold so still waiting. Hopefully once weather gets warmer more viewings. Only one more week of footy and people might start looking for holiday houses.

3/ business I can’t do nothing about as yet. Waiting for subdivision to come through so I can get the lease written up. Then it’s a case of removing my name from the business but not until we can sign over deeds of the house etc.

Problem is once I sign over I need to find a place to work to keep my pharmacy registration unless I still help him out.

4/ then our Medicare, Medibank and ambulance subscriptions needs altering

5/ cars need to change with RACV our road side assist, Linkt our toll account.

I’m going to slowly change them all and put mine under mine. His under his. So when I move out it’s sorted.

I’m over the whole process.

Had a get together with my friends yesterday and she alerted me to the fact that you can’t sign over your properties to your spouse without paying stamp duty on your portion.

Was panicking as it puts our plans into disarray.

I’ve been researching about it. Yes it’s true what her accountant said but there’s an exemption if you divorce. Does it means we need to file for divorce before that can happen?

So much paperwork and process that it is painful.