There’s something naughty about midday sex. Mmmmm.

Mr Boardie was bored stiff at work so I rescued him. I met him at the market for lunch.

We ended up with paella and tapas at Simply Spanish. He kept putting food on my plate. I bought pastries for dessert and lamb for dinner.

Then he drove me back to his place for sex.

His favourite position is me on all 4s poking my arse up at him. He’d wind his hand around my hair and pull it like he’s riding a horse.

The session only ended after I play for him and he squirted in my mouth.

A snooze later he dropped me off at the station to go home.

Yesterday I rescued him again but more to go to lunch and a walkie through the gardens. We managed lunch between two apartment openings.

He then went home for a snooze. I went shopping. Not sure if it was a hint for me to follow him home.

I wasn’t keen as it was getting late plus I had things needed doing.

He’s gone camping this weekend. Before he left he said to me see? It’s not all about sex. I take you walking. I give you cuddles.

That’s why I’ve made him my exclusive. Haven’t been sleeping around or anything much. He’s still a bit miffed that I didn’t like him in the beginning. Told him you looked like a dinosaur and well can’t be too easy now can I? He’s like treat them mean keep them keen 😂

The truth was he also volunteers for the same organisation as me thus it’s complicated and he looked much older when in fact he’s four months younger than me 😂