Sexy as hell…NOT. It’s supposed to be Spring and yet it’s still wintry. Can’t seem to warm up my feet.

So I’m in bed with a feather down doona and a bedspread on top.

And guess what? I’m in my birthday suit with a pair of bed socks on.

Got these from Target. And yes I love pink 😂 Can’t wait til it gets warmer. It’s miserable. Tomorrow I’m off to the city to go to inspections.

My cousin wants to catch up so we will go to them together. Should be fun.

Out of all my cousins she’s my closest. We used to hang out a lot together when we were kids. Not so much now.

I’m thinking of poor Mr Boardie camping in the cold. Not that he feels it much since he’s a Hobart boy. He’s been sick and well it will probably make it worse.

I don’t have any sympathy for him though. He piles up his days and then wonders why he’s sick. Told him he needs to rest because he’s run down. Nah he tells me. He’s just had a physical and his heart is like that of an 18 years old.

Thank goodness for that or else he might cark it from one of our sex sessions.