I’ve been to so many inspections. I’ve seen so many apartments and yet none of them felt like home.

They just felt like boxes. Full of people living there. The ones that looked nice I couldn’t afford or they were in the wrong area.

I saw one last week that I really liked. Well the floor plans anyway.

The bedrooms were external with windows. The living area is a bit small. I liked the views and the balcony. It ticked all of the boxes.

My cousin wasn’t sure about the feng sui as it had a column in the living room.

Not sure about the location. Southbank is a bit cheaper than the CBD. I can get more for my buck.


It’s very close to a tram stop that can take me to the beach. I can walk to the market and to Southern Cross Station.

Just not sure as there’s a vacant lot next to the building. It means there might be another development going up.

Plus it does look a bit dodgy walking down that way. During the day it’s okie. I wouldn’t walk down there at night.

Mr Boardie has resurfaced. He had no internet connection at camp. He messaged me Tuesday morning announcing he’s still alive.

As for hubby he’s been misbehaving. Saturday he went out and didn’t come back til 4am Sunday. Could smell alcohol on him bad. Not only that he couldn’t aim so messed up the toilet.

Told him off. Said I’m not cleaning up his mess. Also if he can’t aim his little man how the hell did he think he could control his car? He could have killed someone driving home.

So he cleaned, mopped the toilet and mopped my kitchen for me. He took us to lunch and take away food for dinner.

Yesterday at work he cut me off in front of our staff. So I let him have a piece of my mind in front of them.

It’s rude. I don’t like being treated without respect.

The more we go on this journey the more I think even if did we stay together am I willing to accept this crap? The answer is probably no.