Yesterday he came upstairs with papers to sign. Told him I’ll be down soon.

On the way down I thought about it. I don’t want to sign for it.

He wants to join a buying group. Apparently it’s free for the first year or something like that.

I don’t want to as we’ve signed a contract with the banner group for 2 years and if we opt out there’s a penalty of about 15-20K pro-rata.

His argument is we are paying 3K-4K a month as is better to get out.

My argument is look first find the contract and see how many months we’ve got left and then decide.

My pet hate? Him shoving papers under my nose wanting my signature there and then. I’ve saved his arse so many times because I read the contract thoroughly not like him. I don’t sign on the dotted lines when prompted.

My leverage? I’m not signing any papers until he finds the damn contract.

I’m still his partner until we settle the business.

I was against his idea of joining the banner group in the first place yet I complied to his wishes. Our shop fitting was demolished and crappy shop fitting entails.

Now this ? It means new uniforms, new shop fittings yet again. More money is all I see. Free membership ? Yeh right.