I must be down in the dumps. Spent all day out yesterday going to inspections. Nothing. Zilch. None felt like home.

School holidays officially finished today. And of course to make us all suffer day light saving also started today. We had to wind the clock forward. Meaning waking up an hour earlier.

This is my view from my bed. It’s nearly 5pm.

No bread , no fruit, no ham or salami. I’m not ready for school as yet.

Guess the kid will just have to go buy lunch order tomorrow.

As for me? Didn’t get much done today apart from eating breakfast and lunch. Sort out my volunteering stuff. Was supposed to be going into work to catch up.

Spent the day in bed instead. Managed to catch Mr Boardie’s cough. Been coughing for the last week. Can’t sleep at night and keeping my family up too.

I need to find time to go to the doc for antibiotics. Tomorrow I’ve got the broker coming to value our business.

I wasn’t going to get one but since hubby’s been acting up I’ve decided to. What’s fair is fair.

Still got paperwork to collate for him. Will do so tonight.

Tired that this divorce is taking so long even though it’s only been months. Now I understand why people take years to settle financially.

If you’ve only got one home then it’s easy enough. It’s half each. When you’ve got a business as well and properties tied up in a hefty mortgage it doesn’t help.

Last week all I got around to doing is untie our toll account. Now we’ve got one each in our own name. One down so many more to go.

This joint name business is driving me up the wall. So much for togetherness.

I still remembered my dad’s advice when I got married. Change your name to his name. It shows you are committed. Yes dad. And to show my commitment further everything was in joint names. No. That wasn’t anything to do with commitment. It was insurance for me and the kids. Just in case.