Crap crap crap. I wanted to bump him off my card and I can’t.

I thought being no. 1 on the card entitled me to rights. Apparently not.

So I have to bump me off the card. Lined up to be told that and they wouldn’t book me in until I’ve filled in the blasted form.

Then more lining up to be booked in. It’s going to be a 45-50 minutes wait.

A few have left already. Only the stubborn ones are still hanging around.

So here I am blogging away whilst waiting for Medicare.

Trying on my new dress. Don’t think I can wear a bra 😂

It’s a bit frumpy, too long so guess I’ll have to hitch it up.

I’m happy with it over all. Made me look younger. Guess I’d better stick to light colours from now on.