Tonight I wanted to talk to him. His friend came over when I was about to have a sit down talk.

He asked me can’t it wait? I told him no it can’t wait.

So he left his friend and son downstairs and came up.

I’ve told him about the mortgage and explained the whole sorry state. He’s agreed to sell the rental. Grudgingly of course.

It’s like we will never be able to buy something like that again. We? As in We?

He’s either delusional or he’s still in denial. There’s no we or us anymore. There’s only him.

The bank is not going to let him borrow money to buy me out.

Anyhow have shot an email to the agents asking them about commission and advertising fees.

It’s like a domino effect. One went and now everything else is going.

Funny how as a couple you can fight the world and as one the world is against you.

United we stand. Divided we fall.