I feel like I’m slipping further. We owe so much. He’s been keeping it from me. I had to email the broker to get them to send the statements.

Just heard from my cousin that mum is thinking of selling their place to pay us off our share. Not good. I didn’t want them to sell but it’s their decision.

Today I did the sums again and it doesn’t look good. Looks like no apartment for me.

The business has been valued lower than expected. My hidey hole is not selling. The mortgage about 233K more than expected.

All bad news.

I’m going to sit down with him and ask him to sell our rental. We are out of pocket 10K a year on that one after rent. When there’s no rent coming in we are even more in arrears.

I’m just tired today. Cough not going away. Just down in the dumps.

The last few months has been hellish. Looks like no way out.

At this point in time I don’t have anywhere to live. No job either.

On the joint accounts front

Toll checked

Roadside assist checked

Car insurance checked

Medicare checked

Only got private health to go.

I’ve also applied for a credit card. Just in case I can’t have one after the divorce.

I’ve also applied for a job at the pier. Let see if that will eventuate to anything.

As for my course? It sucks bad. Can’t wait til I complete it. I’m crossing the days off like I’m in prison. One week gone only 9 more weeks to go.

It’s a woe me day today.