I’m stuck again. Do I go for an apartment right spanking in the CBD or do I buy a unit in Ringwood or Burwood or Mentone ? Or any other suburbs that’s in my price range?

The idea of moving into a different suburb kind of frighten me.

The thing is if I buy a unit it’s my own place. I can do whatever I like to it without the worry of asking for permission every time I do something to it.

The other advantage is it will be a better investment because land will always increase in price.

Not only that I can’t think of nothing worse than smelling food smell or constant noise from the neighbours.

The downside of it is I’ll have to move further out so about 50 minutes by train to the CBD. If I still want to stay in the East.

This one is listed at 620-680K


Or something like this in my old haunt


Or Eltham which is a nice green suburb.


I’m still debating whether living in the CBD is a good idea. Everything is more expensive. I’m just anxious about the body Corp fees. It’s all very well to say it’s only 5K a year. It’s when they slap you with a special levy of 10 or 20K that’s when you think where the hell do I find the money for it?

The only thing good going for it is I’ll be in the middle of the action. I’ll be more accessible to the kids.

Anyhow, food for thoughts though I am kind of leaning towards living in an apartment.

Lots to think about.