I had an inspection today. It’s a beautiful apartment and in a nice quiet area. I can pretty much walk to the CBD and the market from there.


Since it was my only free day this week I met up with Mr Boardie.

We usually get our planner out on the weekend and see if we could match up. He told me he was free from 11-3pm. I ended up going to the inspection and well he couldn’t get away til near 1pm.

He started on a new project at work today and well the 11-3pm kind of went out the window.

We ended up having lunch and he went back to work so he could leave at 4pm for cuddles.

At 4:10pm he messaged me telling me he was leaving so I could hop on the tram. That way we’d meet each other around the same time at the tram stop near his place. It’s too hard for him to navigate the CBD traffic to pick me up.

I usually get there faster than him anyway as the trams have their own routes. Today I texted him don’t worry I’ll walk. In the end he caught up with me half way to his place. Since he had to turn to pick me up he ended up going to the post office to pick up his parcel.

I’ve just found out he’s an online shopping freak. Apparently he’s ordered two pairs of jeans online.

I rarely buy online unless I can’t get it at any other stores just in case they send me the wrong stuff and then I have to go and return it. It’s a pain.

Just after I commented he opened his parcel and I cracked up laughing.

Instead of sending him two pairs they sent him a pair of jeans and ummmm not a pair of shorts but a denim skirt.

I told him if he shaves his legs he’d look sexy in a skirt πŸ˜‚ he’s quite tall and has nice long legs.

We ended up having cuddles and dozed off. By the time I looked at the clock it was 6pm. He offered to take me to the station. That way I wouldn’t be too late home. I got home around 7pm. He was still fighting traffic driving home at 6:45pm.

He’s nice that way. He looks after me. He didn’t have to. He could have just dropped me at the tram stop.

Tomorrow we are both attending the AGM. We have to pretend that we don’t know each other again.

I have a feeling he’s going to come up and introduce himself to me. He was joking about today saying he’ll just come up and say hello V.

We’ve come a full circle. First we’ve attended functions together without knowing each other existed. Then we’ve met each other without realising we’ve met before. Now we are going to meet each other pretending we don’t know each other.

It will be funny.