I saw him coming in but he was behind someone that needed a name tag. We had all our tags ready but once in awhile someone was missed. I was the designated labeller person since I’m the fastest typer there.

By time I looked up he’s already past me. He did give me a wink from where he was standing.

He looked so cute and proper in his suit and tie. All the board members scrubbed up pretty good.

Anyhow didn’t have a chance since I had to leave early.

Only when I got home did I find his text. He told me he was going to be home later on if I wanted to pop by.

Class didn’t finish til 9pm. Was hoping it was going to finish early. Since I had my car I thought why not? It didn’t help that I was horny as. So I drove to his place and f the hell out of him 😂

I didn’t get home til 11:30pm. We talked about the AGM and cuddled. He told me you know you don’t have to pretend you don’t know me. It’s not illegal for us not to know each other.