I finally sent in my resume and cover letter at 11:50pm last night. Took me all day to spruce up my resume.

After class Mr Boardie picked me up to go back to his place. We had cuddles and he took me home.

He looked tired yet he was determined to drive me back. I told him look just drop me at the station.

He said he wanted to make it easier for me and it’s okie it’s only 10 minutes extra. No it isn’t because he’s got to drive all the way back silly dear.

I thought it’s bad getting rejections here and there but hearing what he goes through to get a job is mind boggling.

Apparent he gets a job for every 100 applications sent away. No wonder he hasn’t found one yet. He’s only up to application number 50.

Guess the higher the pay the harder it is to get a job. In a way I’m thankful for my lowly status. It’s only an application here and there and I get one. I tend to get one per 1-2 applications I sent away.

I’m getting fond of him. Not sure what’s ahead. For now I’m happy with our arrangements as FWB. Not looking for anymore than that.