Mr Boardie is such a sweetie. All day he’s been giving me feedback about my CV. He must have been so frustrated as he ended up sending me his to look at 😂 He’s a high achiever that’s for sure 😂

And guess what? It had his mobile number on it. Guess I can stalk him now lol. We’ve been contacting each other with Kik since Feb/March.

My CV is coming along. I’ve ditched the LinkedIn format and started fresh with Words. It’s still work in progress.

The reason I’m polishing it up is because there’s a part time position I want to apply for. It’s a not for profit organisation and up my alley.

It will be a coordination and customer service role. I’m hoping to head away from pharmacy in due course.

Listing down my skills today made me realise I have accumulated a lot of skills with previous work and volunteering opportunities and thus makes me a candidate with varied skills.

I have never thought of me that way. It made me feel like less of a loser.

Applications closes tomorrow. Will try and get the application in tonight.

Who would have thought? I can move away from pharmacy after all.