Another horse race. One good thing we all get a day off school and work. The Spring Carnival lasts for weeks. Today is the most important race and it’s raining cats and dogs.

Then Thursday is the day for the ladies to show off their dresses and hats. I forgot all about it and it’s only when the hairdresser told me they are booked out did it click.

I woke up late. Well very early but kept on drifting off. 4am, 5am, 630am..

It’s now 10:22am and I’m sitting down with my cuppa waiting for my rice to cook. I’m making musubi for brunch.

It’s rice , pan fried Spam ham and seaweed. The sauce is 1/4 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup Kikkoman soy and 1/8 cup of brown rice vinegar into a pot on stove until sugar is dissolved.

It’s yum. My youngest will probably bring it to school for lunch tomorrow.

My oldest’s boyfriend is coming over to cook us dinner. He’s going to make stir fried noodles with lobster. We have to go source the lobster 😂

From what I can see Costco got them and so does Woolies.

These ones are $95/kg from Woolies. One of our bigger supermarket chain. Looks like if we will have 2 tails each and it will be over a kilo.

Now to go grab a cake for dessert as well.