Is over. I’ve disabled all the dating apps. Waste of time. Worse thing was that the guy in my class was on them too.

He chatted me up. I had to say no. It’s too close for comfort. I wasn’t interested.

Today saw Mr Boardie for a bit and that was that. Was going to watch him play netball and well couldn’t locate him.

He was in the far court apparently. I ended up waiting in the car until end of game. I nearly drove home thinking may be he’s gone home.

In the end he popped in and we had a 5 minutes catch up.

It reminded me of hubby. Forever waiting for him.

We chatted today and he asked me if I wanted him to give me space. I told him no.

We reconfirmed our status – FWB. I’m fond of him but….May be it will hit us one day. For now he only wants sex. He doesn’t want a relationship and I don’t really want to tie myself up. So he suits.

Until we both find someone this is as good as it gets.

I’m tired of dating apps and swiping right or left. I think I’ll leave it to chance.