I’m a bit suspicious. Why is he so nice to me? Today he called me to dinner. Tonight he called me out to have mango.

I’m putting it down to me taking money out? Me spending money? Me emailing the lawyer to get the private agreement done? Me crying two mornings in a row because of nightmares? Me not cooking? Or washing the dishes or groceries.

May be he’s sick of cooking? And doing the groceries ? And the dishes ?

It’s only been one week ? 😂 It’s not like I don’t do nothing. I still do groceries runs for bread, fruit, dry stuff etc just not dinner stuff. I also wash up here and there. I’m still doing his laundry.

I still work at the business.

I wonder if he’s starting to think oh sh….t?

If he’s going to misbehave I’ll just keep on spending. Tomorrow I’m going to buy a rice cooker 😂

I’ve just ordered two sets of pots yesterday. They should come soon 😂