We’ve decided to meet for coffee. I told him I’m free on Sunday. So Sunday it is. Off to Chaddie for a 9am meet. He is living with his son. Helping his son out with rent.

It’s the only time he can sneak out 9-12pm or else it’s 6-9pm.

He told me he can leave his mum alone in the morning. She’s quite happy to sit and watch TV. I guess his son is there.

Otherwise he’s got to be home to take care of her. He’s got to help wash and feed her. Help her with toileting. He’s her full time carer.

Guess it’s not a fun life. He’s a nice guy. I’m a sucker for nice guys.

So many years. We are both getting old and grey. Yet I still remembered it like yesterday.

We just drift in and out of each other’s life. Lots to talk about on Sunday. So many years had passed.

I still need to go find some shirts for work. Otherwise Christmas shopping is pretty much done.

A drug rep came by today . She hardly recognised me. She commented on my short hair and asked me if I’ve lost weight? I told her I have.

Must be me dressing up. She only sees me as a slob.

My son was like you’ve got a new top on mum? I told him no. It’s an old one.

I need to make an effort and dress up. May be then I’ll surprise people.