I knew him from a music chat room. He had a really nice voice. I fell in love.

That was 19 years ago. I fell hard. So did he. We couldn’t handle each other. He was as jealous as hell so was I. A chat room wasn’t a great place to meet or sustain a relationship.

He was recently divorced. I was married. We met through our love for music.

It lasted years. We’d catch up when we could. Whenever he was in town we’d meet. Or when I went interstate for seminars we’d meet.

The later years we were more friends than lovers. I remembered in a hotel with ocean view on Coogee beach. We were sitting on the balcony enjoying the views. We’d talked and I’d laughed when he asked me if I still love him.

I’d told him I cared for him but it’s not love. We both thought it was hilarious as we had no other thing in common except for music. We were better as friends. Friends with benefits. Though not much benefits. The fire has died. Burnt to smitherins.

Then I lost contact of him.

It’s more I lost my phone and so all of my contacts.

It must have been years. Last time we saw each other was in Melbourne. He’s gone to the beach house with me and took the train back. I was still working in Geelong then.

Today he messaged me on Whatsapp. I was shocked. It could only be him.

His name is Yên. I’ve got a friend called Yến Linh but she goes by Yen. Thus in English they both are Yen.

We caught up with news. He’s back in Melbourne for good. With his mum in tow as his dad passed away two years ago. He’s been her carer since she’s had a stroke for years now.

He was like hahaha. Yes it’s like hahaha. He swore years ago he was never coming back to Melbourne to live. If I remembered correctly. Melbourne brought him bad memories of his divorce.

I told him it’s life. I didn’t think I’d be divorce either. So much for our lives.

It’s entwining again. All these years and we are still like railway tracks. Never together. Next year I would have known him for 20 years.