I’m back on AM. I was supposed to meet someone yesterday afternoon. In the morning he cancelled on me saying he’s busy.

Only got his message at around 2pm saying that his plans fell through. Asked him if he’s seen Melbourne. He said no. I felt bad as it’s his first time in Melbourne and he’s been here since Friday and hasn’t seen anything.

Plus it gave me a chance to play tour guide. And that I did.

I took him from Flinders St station to Federation Square then on to Birrarrung Marr then through our gardens to the Botanical Gardens then the Shrine around the Art Precinct , South Bank down to Southern Cross Station weaving through our lane ways and back to Brunetti for a drink and took him back to his hotel.

We fiddled around kissing and cuddling . Nothing happened and I left to go home.

Since Mr Boardie was free he offered to come pick me up for some lovin’ .

It was after 8pm and I still haven’t had dinner. Thus bought some eel fried rice and ate at his place. I left him the left overs.

Afterward he drove me home. He laughed when I told him what happened with Mr Businessman.

He was like he wanted you to take him walkies around the bed and you took him walkies around Melbourne instead 😂

Didn’t get up til midday today. I have class tonight. Our very last class.

Still got to go buy pastries and what not for tonight.

Plus no trains tonight. I’ll have to drive in. It’s now 3:25pm and I haven’t had a shower or nothing.

I’ve also sent in my resignation. I’ll work my rostered shifts until we go away in January.

The boss wants to talk to me. I’ll let her stew a bit. That way the in charge at the smaller hospital can put pressure on her. I’ll see her on Friday at work as is. Time to renegotiate if not I’ll walk.