It off. I’m tired. Tired of life. I’m not that silly to contemplate suicide or anything like that.

I just want to hide somewhere and sleep it off this tiredness.

Today I feel like a loser. Funny how others see a different side of things. A different view of me?

Am I just critical or what?

Today I went to an open. A very nice apartment only two years old and showing signs of wear and tear. Guess all that glitters is not gold.

It’s on the 34th floor and had beautiful views of Albert Park , Bridge and the bay. Problem is the views may not be there in 5 years time. I can see low rises just in front of the building. It might be built out.

I have to be careful as it’s a long term plan. Not a 5 years plan.

It’s very close to South Melbourne market. It will suit my cooking class well.

Then I rushed to the market to buy pastries before rushing home to wrap pressies and head to my parents.

The older kids were okie. Can’t stand the younger ones. They were out of control. The parents didn’t discipline them properly and they were running around like they were high on something.

I just wanted to go home. It’s our customary Christmas do every year. I had to be there yet I didn’t feel like I belong.

Then home tonight. Was supposed to drive to the beach house but my nephew has gone out. He’s still not back as yet and it’s after 10pm.

Haven’t heard at all from him. Here is hoping he comes back soon. I’m responsible for him whilst he’s with us.

He’s just came back the other day from NYC. He was boasting to his grandma that he can survive NY he can survive here. Though Melbourne isn’t as safe as it used to be.

I’ve offered to take him off my parents hands as his mum is not flying over here til 24/1/19. His dad has another wife and kids.

He is about the same age as my son. The two of them get along.

Forgot to ask him for his phone number. Told him to ring me before he jumps in an Uber back. The party place is about 20 minutes from here.

We are due back from the beach on the 26th, Boxing Day. I’ve booked the ferry. It will take us from Queenscliffe over to Sorrento saving me a long drive back. It costed $101 for the car and us.

From the map you can see the two closest points between the two peninsulas. That’s where the ferry goes.

My aunty’s new place is in Bittern. About 20 minutes drive from Frankston.

The blue dot is where I am now. Tomorrow I’ll drive down to Ocean Grove which is past Geelong.

It’s about 15-20 minutes drive from Queenscliffe.

So it’s just convenient to take the ferry across and drive a short distance to my aunty’s place. Then onwards home.

First time I’m taking the ferry with a car. Going to take the kids early to Queenscliffe to have breakfast there before we hop on the ferry.

I’m worried about the holidays traffic.