It’s been one hell of a year. Money kept on pouring out in all directions. I’ve lost track of all the money we lost this year.

Then the divorce. It’s like what the hell?

It’s now drawing to the end and I’m actually looking forward to 2019 or more so our Lunar New Year.

1/ our subdivision has gone through so that’s huge. We’ve made 300K just like that.

2/ the draft copy of the deed has been done. Just need the lawyer to get back to me as to the corrected copy.

3/ our rental has sold. I can now look for accommodation.

4/ my course has finished

5/ work hmmmm it can’t get any worse. I’ve resigned.

The in charge at the smaller hospital wants me to stay on. Let see if management will agree.

I’m happy to as it’s a more ordered hospital. The bigger one is so messy. It’s chaotic and I can’t work in an environment like that. There’s no time to work thoroughly which means mistakes are more likely to happen. I’m not keen.

Either way I’m not fussed.

6/ our debt is nearly paid off. Only another 3-4K and it’s done.

My wish list for Christmas:

To sell the holiday house.

To find accommodation so I can move out. My marriage is dead.

To work on my tour business.

Not sure if I want to go back to volunteering. I’m tired. Just need a break.