Funny how you connect to people. Last night I realised how connected I am to Mr Boardie.

Our relationship is comfortable and I like it like that.

He told me I was naive for having lunch with my classmate. I replied we are friends and it was just a catch up.

He then said I bet you he will contact you in the next three days to meet again. You’re leading him on.

I don’t think that’s going to be the case. I’m at work today then tomorrow I need to drive down to OG to retrieve luggages for our trip.

I took towels back here to wash thus it’s an exchange trip.

I have sold the house. Sold it for 860K without the spa. It’s a great outcome. Made 10K in two weeks. That way I can give my aunt some furniture and hubby can have his spa.

Playing chicken has its advantages. It takes a lot of patience.

Now let see if my job will turn out as I want it to.

As for Mr Boardie he’s going to his brother’s in Lorne overnight. Tomorrow he will meet me in Ocean Grove at my place to break up his trip and we will drive back together on Sunday after brunch.

The kids are not joining me this trip since they were bored out of their brains last trip.