I blew up at the kids today. I hate travelling with people who are late. Despite telling them we are meeting each other at 8am downstairs they were still late. They didn’t show til near 8:30am.

Then hubby was fluffing around as well. Now I know why I hate travelling with him. He might as well stay home since all he does all day is go on his laptop.

He was 10 minutes late to our meeting spot for lunch.

Today he asked me how did I find our breakfast place? Guess it’s a compliment . I replied lots of googling and research.

I handed over to the oldest to lead this afternoon as the kids wanted to go to the Art & Science Museum. Then afterwards we are off to see the Merlion and onwards to the Fullerton to have our Singapore Sling.

May be after that home to nap and tonight to Newton for dinner. Didn’t go to Newton food court last year. It’s where they filmed Crazy Rich Asians.

We’ll go as there’s more variety there and quite easy to get to by train.