I’m up. Have packed now waiting for hubby so we can meet the kids for breakfast.

The car is coming at 10:30am. We are off to Melacca. It’s so nice only having to worry about me.

Hubby can pack his own. He’s scattered his stuff all over the room. Oh well.

As for the kids I gave them all a talking to yesterday morning. Told them it’s courtesy when travelling in a group to be on time.

Yesterday they surprised me when we met for dinner. They were on time. Apparently the oldest and boyfriend woke the other two up 15 minutes prior. The boys are sharing a room and the girls another.

Explained to the oldest I know they are doing it. Just not be obvious in front of their dad. Thus separate rooms for this trip.

Today’s itinerary :

8am meet for breakfast

9am back to room to pack

10am downstairs to check out

10:30am car comes

Hubby is a weak link. Felt like we were baby sitting him. The kids were like dad is a grump.

Our beautiful hotel in Singapore. I love this chandelier. It’s my favourite.

My Singapore Sling at the Fullerton. The bar used to be an old post office. It’s grand.

Dessert at a dessert place. Mine was grass jelly, mixed fruit and yam ice cream. The ice cream was yummo. Thick and creamy.