What a great way to travel. I booked a private car with driver. It took us 3.5 hours to get to Melaka. It could have been faster if not for a 30-45 minutes stuck at the check points.

All we needed to do was give the officer sitting in his booth our passports. The driver opened the bus’ door so we could all identify ourselves and that was it.

I paid $480 for door to door and since there were 6 of us it worked out to be $80 each. Gave the driver $50 tip since he got us here safe and sound.

Our splurge. A 5 Star for two nights. I couldn’t afford more than that 😂

This was our welcome gift. We also had a lovely lemon icy welcome as well.

The bathroom.

For dinner we went to try out Hakka food. It was yum. I was doubtful as when we walked in a little after 7pm the restaurant was virtually empty.


I think they all doubted me and my decision. Little did they know I researched and researched whilst they were swimming in the infinity pool.

It’s been a long day. I’m giving them a sleep in tomorrow. We will meet at 9am to go hunt for breakfast.