I must say the Westin KL has lifted their game. They had bad reviews with regard to their breakfast years ago.

Their buffet breakfast now is quite a spread.

The only thing they need to improve is their coffees and their pastries. Not up to scratch. Other than that I’m happy.

We are in our rooms getting ready. After all that food we need to offload 😂

Today we are off to KLCC area to look at the tower, aquarium butterfly park.

May be go for a walk. See a show? We missed out on the night market last night. Couldn’t be bothered with the crowds or pickpocketers.

Took an antihistamine before to combat the itchiness of my mossie bites.

KL is a construction site. Can count about 12+ cranes just outside our window. The buildings are not as close as in Melbourne. There’s still room to build.

It’s mountainous. Can see mountains all around.

We are very central. Will walk to KLCC today. The kids’ choice.