The kids wanted to go to the aquarium. It’s worth going as it’s a great little one. About an hour to go through.

Then we went to the food court in Suria for lunch. It was mediocre.

Petronas Tower was opened but sold out. Next open day is Tuesday which we are flying out. So no go. Plus it was expensive.

We went to Kampung Baru to see the old area of KL. Walked there from Petronas.

On the way back, my son and I took the train and monorail. The rest went by taxi. It took us half an hour to get back. Not too long since we had to walk to the stations and at Kampung we had to wait 7 minutes for the train.

I like walking and taking public transport when I travel. For the mere fact that I get to see more of the country.

Near our hotel. It’s very convenient close to the MRT and the monorail.

Very upset at my family today. Sent them a message on their WhatsApp.

“Tomorrow you guys are on your own. You can get up when you like . Do what you like . Eat what you like. I’ve had enough of waiting around for you all and in turn being told no you don’t want to do activities that I wanted to.

Very upset. So from tomorrow whatever. I don’t give a hoot. I’m going to get up early and do my own thing. Not waste half of my day waiting for you guys”