The guy must love us. Second day in town and already second visit to him.

This little beauty was 2.5kg and costed us 150RM or roughly $50AUD. He guaranteed it since we were worried it looked a bit green outside.

He said look if no flavour I’ll give you another one. He was right. Just looking at it we could tell it’s a good one. It had a strong smell and the flesh is bright yellow.

These ones are Japanese mangosteen. At 25RM a kilo is hefty as we’ve seen them sold for 12RM a kilo not sure if Japanese or not.

We bought 2kg off him yesterday and today another 2.5kg. Yesterday they were all good thus today we went back to him. We didn’t want to risk it with another stall.

To eat it you break the green stem off. Then you use your two hands to gently squeeze the fruit and as soon as the peel breaks you can eat the flesh.

When you compare to the food here fruit is expensive. You can get a plate of fried rice for 6-7RM. My bowl of noodles costed 8RM (approx $3AUD) today as I had extra roast pork and egg or else it’s only 5RM.

Over all it’s a great place to just chill by the pool , go walkies or just eat and eat and eat.