The kids ditched us again 😂

Discovered a great cafe when I went into a lane to take this photo 😂

It pays to be curious

Loved the decor. Apparently the last owner had chipped away all the concrete walls exposing the brick.

The table we sat at.

Close up. How cool? 😊

I went into a cat store and they wouldn’t let me take photos of their products. It was all about cats 😍

My steal from that shop. A bag for my make up and two foldable shopping bags.

The clan jetties where people lived. Felt a bit sad.

Lots of street art everywhere.

I can’t remember where they are but they were in abundance.


And more

Loving Penang. So much to see. I think it’s my favourite place so far.

They had these steel art everywhere too.

A temple. And well kind of ran out of storage on my phone. Will post more once I download from my camera.

We visited the Mansion. It was very impressive. The guide Stanley was hilarious.

He was like behind every successful man is a woman that’s why in the olden days the successful men had many wives 😂

I don’t believe in tradition so officially I only have one wife but unofficially…he dropped off with a laugh.

In olden days they talk to each other now everyone is quiet. Grand pa on phone, grandma on phone. Grandkids on iPads. All playing candy crush 😂