I was waiting for the kids to come out when a driver started to make conversation with me. Or rather flirting with me.

He also gave me his card.

Apparently he’s single, no kids, no wife and parents gone so no family.

He lives in Georgetown and has his own place.

He plays the drums and also dabbled in electric guitar and keyboard. I asked if he is in a band? No, I only make happy happy.

He asked me if I was single? I replied half half.

He said if I ever need him he’ll come. He offered to drive me all around the island. I think he’s offering himself too. Problem is he’s not my type. He’s 63 with a pot belly, teeth missing and smokes like a chimney.

I politely declined saying I’m over men. No more men.

He said to me you have money you should be happy.

That’s all I took away today of our chance meeting. I should be happy.

He drove us back to our hotel in his old car. I was thinking he’s driving very fast. Hopefully he wasn’t trying to impress me. We got back safe and sound.