Today I went to visit Mr Boardie. We haven’t seen each other for nearly a month.

I’ve been overseas and he’s been busy with work. He’s part of a project team that flies to Canberra every week on Monday and back again on Thursday. Canberra is about 6-7 hours drive away.

He loves his new job just not the flying or the 11 hours days whilst he’s interstate.

We had about 2.5 hours together today which was a luxury.

We were at it with him inside me when I joked you must only want me for my arse.

He replied I want you..any way.

All I could remember was the three words I want you. The rest kind of faded into nothingness.

He wanted me. He wanted to have me. And that was it. It was that raw sexual energy that got me.

He told me later on it’s because he had to make up for the weeks apart.

I like being with him. Not just the sex but more for the company. He’s very smart. He dissects things apart like there’s no tomorrow. He’s a problem solver. He solves my problems when I’m stuck.

Funny thing is he’s me all over. I’m usually the one solving other people’s problems.

Being with him I feel more confident making decisions. It’s very easy then.

This morning I went walkies with a buddy. I’m very conscious of him as he’s always trying to lure me into bed. Can’t trust him.

Like usual as soon as we were secluded out came his hands fiddling with my boobs or butt. As usual I laughed and told him off.

We used to be FWB. Now we are just friends. Yet he tries and tries to no avail.

Look..look at the effect you have on me..showing me his stiffie.

He’s like you know you have half an hour before seeing Mr Boardie. We could practise before you go see him 😂

Mr Boardie was like looks like you have an effect on me too when I recounted the story.

I’m wondering how I’m going to walk tomorrow. Let just say Mr Boardie gave me a thorough exploration of my arse 😂