Thaipusam is a festival that celebrates good over evil. A very vibrant festival where people seeks blessings with offerings.

The first sign I encountered as I got closer to the chariot was this mess.

People were throwing coconuts on to the ground. Then the tractor would crush them and the clean up crew would come in.

From afar. It took an hour for the chariot to travel from there to my hotel which was about 100 metres away. People would stop and make offerings.

The offering trays.

It’s pulled by two ropes by lots of people. In the olden days they would use bulls to pull the chariots. The ladies in their fineries. Very vibrant.

This is one of the two chariots. The golden one goes first followed by the silver one about an hour and a half later.

The two chariots departed from different destinations but ultimately ends up at the same place.

I haven’t got any photos of the silver one as I was too stressed about getting to the airport on time.

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