I wasn’t going to be bothered with it as I’m that buggered.

Our Lunar New Year is a huge celebration and well being the youngest of his family it’s a taken that we go visiting the older siblings.

On the first you’d visit your husband’s family. On the second you visit your family and on the third your teacher or friends etc.

Asian culture is that your husband’s family comes first as once you’re married you’re considered as one of them. They then become your family.

Every house we visit we bring a hamper along. It’s so that the owners have continual supply to greet their guests.

You can put anything into the hamper. Wine, tea, biscuits, sweets etc.

This year I opted for sake, tea, green tea and orange biscuits, candied ginger, dried figs and a roll of fig and walnut.

I’ve also managed to get the red packets for the kids to put money in. I usually pop in $20. It adds up when there’s like 20-30 of them.

That’s pretty much New Year for this year. If I have time will go buy some flowers for the house.

My girls baked yesterday.

Their little piggies 😂

I’m so looking forward to this year. It’s a new beginning for me. The last two years has been challenging to say the least.