The deed is done. I gave the apartment a miss on Saturday.

Not sure why I did that? May be because it was a one bedroom and no room to accommodate the kids?

Plus it looked over priced? It is after all a buyer’s market.

Anyhow I’ve had a thought about it and have rejigged my needs.

1/ low owners Corp

2/ gas

3/ ground level saves fluffing around with lifts

4/ shower

5/ floor boards

6/ preferably 2 beds but 1 is okie if there’s room for a wall bed

7/ external bedrooms but will compromise for an internal one.

8/ a great kitchen

In all, the apartment I popped an offer in, ticked most of the boxes.

The owner wanted 20K more than what I’m willing to pay. Thus will sit tight and see. It only opened last Saturday so a new one.

I’ll let her stew a bit over it. It’s not that I can’t pay 20K more. It’s a case of me being worried I’ve over paid as is.

The market has taken a 6.1% drop in price. Everyone is worried as prices keeps on dropping.

I think I have put in a fair offer. If she doesn’t accept it then oh well. I’m not sure if I want to increase my offer.

I can wait as apartments are flooding the market.

We Viet believe it doesn’t matter how much you try. The house has to choose you. Thus that’s what we believe.

I have chosen the apartment as it has a good vibe. But then it has to choose me. If not then it’s a no go.