This is the view I want to see every day.

I never knew I was going to fall in love with this place.

A place I’ve only gotten to know intimately just a year ago. Mr Boardie made me fall in love with Port.

It’s an inner suburb very close to the CBD yet a bit more like a sea side village. I can walk to the CBD if I wish. It’s about a 45 minutes to an hour’s walk or 10 minutes by tram.

What’s so great about it? Just the relaxed vibes. On the weekends you’d see people walking their dogs.

Either that or they are jogging or biking. It’s a hub of activities.

If you’re like me a newspaper in one hand and a coffee in the other and off to the beach to people watch.

Wish me luck. On Monday I’m putting in an offer. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to buy it. The price listed is a bit steep.

They’ve forgotten I’ve been to one similar last year listed for 60K less. Plus the market has dropped since then.

If it all goes ahead I’ll be in there by March.