How the hell did we accumulate so much crap?

I’ve only been able to find my undies tonight after making myself go through the pile of linen that’s been sitting on the sofa in the study for the last week or two?

Yes I’ve got lots of undies. I tend to buy heaps to take overseas when we travel.

I’m not sure how I’m going to fit everything into my new place? Panicking a bit.

Today someone asked if I was happier?

I replied relieved is more like it. A bit anxious about it all. When one stumbles on a new territory one tends to be a bit stressed.

I didn’t follow hubby down to OG with the truck today. I was going to go down and clear the fridge and visit my manager. She’s been very sick.

It’s been one of those frustrating day. Nothing went according to plans.

Anyhow will make time on Monday or Tuesday and drive down there.

My diary is filling up fast.

Monday : dance fitness and then inspection at 3:30pm so I can measure the place

Tuesday: ? OG

Wed: work

Thursday: CPR refresher in the morning

Friday: ?

Sat: going to a concert with my cousin at night.

In between all that I’ll have to look for furniture and white goods.

Forgot I’ll need a fridge and a washing machine as well.

Need to go find carpet for my bedroom.

Still can’t find a cabinet maker as yet since the one this morning was up themselves. They told me they only do big projects 😩

As for hubby he’s told me he’ll start taking on my work. Which means I’ll be free.

Free to tackle the household. To prepare for the new place.

I’ve already ditched volunteering. Only helping them to structure the program.

I’ve signed up to go help prep meals for the homeless. Something different.