What a yucky day. It rained all morning.

I’ve been busy drawing. This is my inward facing island bench.

It will have 4 drawers. Attached to it will be a lower timber laminate bench for dining.

That bench will have an open shelf.

Looking down with the higher bench being 900mm wide means I can squeeze in 2 cabinets on the front side as well since my drawers are only 500mm deep.

The dining part will be wider so it can sit 6 people.

I’m trying to maximise storage space as much as I can.

The wall that’s left is about 2800mm long. I can fit in the wall bed and cabinetry.

Only problem I can see is that sliding door is only 400mm from the wall. It means my cabinetry will have to be narrower.

Originally I wanted 600mm or even 520mm for hanging rods. Now they will have to be 410mm to accommodate the wall bed.

Internally I can put in rods from back wall to hang clothes.

Existing cabinetry.

Can’t wait til next Friday to meet the designer so I can choose my bench top and doors.

I had a look at the timber laminate in the show room. It looked great. Laminates have come a long way.

Hoping to save money. Fingers crossed it will be in budget.