I’ve been researching.

Since I don’t have room my bench seats will have to be slotted underneath my dining bench.

Since I’ve made my bench 1400mm and well I needed to add another 40mm for the cabinetry for the other side.

Which means I only have about 1350mm left

I’ve ordered 2 benches from this mob. The benches are of the right height 460mm. Thus adding another 12 inches to that means my table should be roughly 760mm in height.


It took me awhile to hunt the benches down. They needed to sit 3 on either side and well to make it comfy I wanted mats on the benches.

I’ve teamed the benches up with charcoal and stone seat mats. Hence why I needed 400mm seats 😂 These are 400mm by 400mm and they are on sale 😂